Tweet at me bro!

There was a time, which I can vaguely remember, when the world was blissfully devoid of the Zuckenburgs, Dorseys, the Karps and… well social networking. During this period in time, society was progressing in the art of conversation.

Laughter was actually genuine and not the three letters “LOL.”

Abusing someone involved actually opening your mouth and directing a tirade of mirthless expletives towards them, as opposed to merely “un-liking” their Facebook posts, or indirectly tweet bashing them.

Bullies used to be big, hulking, acne riddled monstrosities as opposed to the “programming geeks” of today.


Pause, imagine that world and imagine this one. The status quo is being hammered by people hidden behind their computer screens. People like me. My skin colour is brown, but by the time I’m done tweeting and facebooking and wordpressing and instagramming, I’m ready to audition for a version of Twilight worth watching.

effect of social networking from right to left.

“Hold on a minute!” you exclaim. “Mobile phones now have apps for every single social networking site” you give me the evils but I refuse to be intimidated. When you take a walk or go for a run, if you do in a society with ever increasing obesity, how many people do you see around you looking into the depths of their smart-phones? In fact, how many times, do you become oblivious to your surroundings and resort to replying to a BBM or uploading a picture of a car onto instagram, or enjoying some trivial crap on facebook.

Sigh… I do enjoy Twitter. I do enjoy Facbeook. I do enjoy WordPress (bit obvious considering I’ve surpassed 200 posts). I enjoy Instagram. But what I wish was that, as opposed to facebook messaging my neighbour, I

I would rest my case but I haven’t received a like yet… read on…?

could pick up the phone or take a walk less than 20 meters to have an aural conversation.

But I can’t. I’ve become so dependent and comfortable in cyberspace that I feel spaced out in public places. Family dinners all around me have disintegrated into every member tending to their mobile phones. Yes social networks have helped in networking and sustaining relationships all across our planet. But at the cost of society yelling LOL as opposed to laughing? Yelling WTF instead of saying What the….? Murmuring FML instead of expression of discontent?

Bet some of you have things to say about this… But just once, I wish someone who took offence to the crap I wrote or said would verbally abuse me as opposed to leaving anonymous comments or indirectly tweeting, or blocking me on FB. Tweet at me bro? No. Come at me Bro.

seriously ?


6 comments on “Tweet at me bro!

  1. Direwolf says:

    I think we’re becoming too comfortable behind our computer screens and smartphones. It takes less effort, not that I’m a lazy person, but it does. My neighbour lives just one house away from me and if you were to look at our message log, you’d think we talked a lot in person. But we hardly ever.

    Maybe it’s not even us being lazy. Maybe we just feel safe. When you say something verbally, the way you say it matters. If you facebook or tweet it, there are many ways to read it. If the person takes it the wrong way, you can clarify it. With actual speech, it’s a little harder to take back your tone.

    I do hate that we’ve been reduced to LOL and WTF but, tis the sodden world we dwell in.

    • the artist. says:

      Haha! I think you need to talk to your neighbour beyond the constraints of inboxes. Hopefully this occurs before you take to skyping !!
      But the problem is as you’ve stated, we feel too safe on the internet, does this mean we prefer to be fake? Does this mean we say whatever we think? Seems like that’s the path we’re on.
      Conversation is necessary for understanding and building real relationships…

      • Direwolf says:

        I hope it never has to get to that! That would be horrendous.
        By typing instead of actually speaking, how is it being fake? I think we’re aren’t very good at being social, that is all.

      • the artist. says:

        When i say fake i mean; we are regulating ourselves and self censoring our emotions and genuine feelings. We can’t be caught with “our pants down” per se …

  2. Thing is, I can’t b smacked if I’m anonymous, right? beside the obvious pain, I’m also saving up on the insults n the bitter experiences, what say?? enjoyed reading many of your posts!!

    p.s: I don’t think cyberspace all that bad… see, I’m getting to read such wonderful posts cuz of it 🙂

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