Just a thought…

What’s with the renewed outbreak of Atheists out there?

Seriously, we’re breeding them like animals in battery farms, which somehow bothers me as much as obesity. However, before I continue, I want to clearly state that I have nothing against Atheists; I just take offence at them religion bashing at every given opportunity as opposed to going about their Atheism in a live and let live manner. Granted, there are a bunch of nut jobs on team Religion Atheism bashing, but they do not run around coming up with theories increasingly ridiculous about God’s existence, which by the way is what Atheists do, except they attempt to disprove God.

“Have you seen, heard, felt etc. God?”

“No, but I believe”

“Then you are ignorant”

Somehow it is weird that certain Atheists claim that Religious people are afraid to entertain the thought of  God not existing simply because Religious people believe “ignorance is bliss.”

Well I take offence with that. Atheists have opted to dismiss the existence of God without actually attempting to look for answers. It is highly convenient to point fingers at the sky and as “What kind of God would let Justin Bieber exist?” I ask that question to sometimes. Some people have gone so far as to sue God, just for the fun of proving that God is defenceless. However, Atheists by pursuing logical arguments have forgotten that there are questions that even science with technology at its disposal cannot answer. Nor do Atheists actually attempt to believe.

Also, it might be noteworthy that while Atheists are being bred like chain production, masses are embracing religion and belief in a higher power.  So who is really ignorant because from where I stand, those who are strutting around arrogantly dismissing God seem to be ignorant. This therefore leads me to question; if “ignorance really is bliss’ why are Atheists running around stressing out so much?

I understand the sensitivity of this topic and I understand that it might seem as if I’ve trivialised the whole discussion by painting a biased picture, but all I ask is that; if we cannot understand each other and would rather not try, the least we can do is accept and live and let live.


8 comments on “Just a thought…

  1. Direwolf says:

    Some people think that to be comfortable with what they believe, they must convince as many others to believe it too. I can’t see a right or wrong in this particular argument, everyone is free to follow whatever religious path they chose, or none if they prefer. But, I agree with you, it would be easier to ‘live and let live.

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  3. “Atheists have opted to dismiss the existence of God without actually attempting to look for answers.”

    Why do you assume we haven’t?

    In point of fact, the vast majority of atheists have become atheists because of a serious attempt at looking for answers.

    • the artist. says:

      Fair play, but why the Unending God bashing sessions?

      • Define ‘god bashing’?

        If I complain about certain Christians wanting to teach creationism as science in public schools, or wanting to keep homosexuals from getting married, is that ‘god bashing’?

      • the artist. says:

        See that’s a religious thing. I’m talking about God here. Also education should teach everything and allow for the educated to choose. I as a believer, do not think education should be determined by religion.
        Again, homosexuality is a religious issue. They are people and anyone who believes in God should know we are all equal.

  4. M. A. Melby says:

    It’s really simple. First – dismiss the “rock stars” of atheism – because they are about as representative of atheism as Pat Robertson is of religious folks. Then realize that many atheists, a great number of them in the U.S. anyway, were brought up in religious homes. Many of them had very sincere faith in God at one time. I’ve noticed that generally speaking, the atheists who criticize religion the most are the ones that were once the most religious. I have often told friends who have always been either non-religious or non-dogmatic Christians all their lives that they have no idea how bad it is. They have never seen religion through the eyes of a child thoroughly convinced that non-Christians were going to be tortured for all eternity as if being burned in a fire forever, that they were completely worthless without the saving grace of God, or that a God of pure and unrelenting love slaughtered the first-born of Egypt. Outspoken atheists are many times outspoken for the same reason that some religious folks are outspoken. They each want to save one another.

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