Up and out

When i run i can feel that adrenaline
Blood pressure shooting up, my body’s secreting some renin in
To my blood stream
Air rushing through me, I just cant scream
But my lungs are doing just that
Running hard until I fall flat

Then i take it to the courts for some tennis,
Control the flow so I can be the menace
And once the game is over
I pack my bag and get into my range rover
And move onto the next thing
Music so loud, I can’t hear my phone ring.
It’s my girl telling me lies about where she’s at
But I know she’s with him at the shopping mall
Stress levels rise but my body saves me with some cortisol

Stay with me or become a memory,
I’m moving on with my life no time for a reverie.

20120430-084436 PM.jpg


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