So, I grew up listening to the Backstreet Boys, the Scooby Doo theme song and songs from the Lion King until my older sibling knocked me on the head and started blaring Tupac in order to introduce me to real music. Unfortunately my older sibling was oblivious to the fact that the extent of my profanity filled vocabulary was “silly” and therefore the effect Tupac had on me was slightly adverse and rather controversial when it came to dinner table conversations with my parents. Anyway… I don’t really know why I wrote all that but it is imporant to note that “Scooby Dooby Doo where are you?” gave way to “I ain’t got no motherf***ing friends
That’s why I f***ed your bitch.” Okay don’t hate on me, I am a fan of Rap and yes Tupac had wonderfully meaningful lyrics alluding to poverty and racial prejudice “I’m tired of bein’ poor and even worse I’m black.”

Oh well, Tupac died when I was really young and a few weeks ago was the first time I actually saw a live performance of the man. Yes, this is late and you all know about Coachella, but it was mesmerising. A hollographic image gave a performance that top performers of today cannot even deliver in their dreams.

Hmm yes, I do agree that my post might make me a target of Condescending Wonka;

“Oh you watched the Tupac Hologram?

You must be a big fan”

Yea, the sarcasm is not lost on anyone Wonka, but hold on a minute. My appreciation for Tupac is extended to appreciation for Notorious B.I.G, Wu Tang Clan; especially RZA and Ghostface Killah and also Immortal Technique. It is easy for me to tear apart the music industry considering the industry is primarily supplying to the demands of the public. I’m sure Justin Beiber sings lyrics more meaningful lyrics than Immortal Technique and I’m sure Rebecca Black and the “Hot girl problems’s” ladies are better performers than Michael Jackson, but seriously? Have we lost our souls? Even cartoons today are ridiculously degenerate.

To any Desi readers out there, my grievances extend to Bollywood where the likes of K.K, Shaan and Sonu Nigam are being replaced by singers like Mika  Singh who is perhaps a strong candidate for an answer to the question; “why this kolaveri Di?”

This post began as a random thought about Tupac, it ended as a rant about the dismal state of music. Says a lot doesn’t it when even a random thought cannot be held long enough without the current status quo encroaching on my musings. Sigh… I suppose I should go for a drive and wallow in my despair and while doing so, listen to the same song by Lady Gaga across three radio stations. Sigh…

Makes sense why Beiber is more popular...


6 comments on “Musings

  1. Direwolf says:

    You could tune in to the radio or you could plug in your music. What a lot of people fail to understand, and I’m not singling you out, is that this is what sells now but, no one is forcing you to listen to it.
    Every genre and type of music has it’s apex, what is hot now probably won’t be in five years time. Theoretically speaking, there’s a cycle. In the nineties and early two thousands Aguilera made her money off of being ‘Dirty’, then she resorted to being ‘Hurt’ and fragile and now she’s ‘Not [her]self’, thus returning to her suggestive ways. Music will keep changing, artists will evolve or return to the way music used to be.
    If you like it, good for you. If you don’t, tough.

    I apologize for sounding crabby, I don’t mean to.

    • the artist. says:

      Thank you dear grumpy direwolf for bearing your teeth and clawing away :p
      I do agree with your thought, but surely you agree that music is an art that should not be commercialised. Artists should not have to sell themselves by pandering the audiences. Take linkin park for example, they experiment with each album for the sake of understanding music better and keeping it fresh. At the same time you see people likening the one direction people to the beatles? I get that things change but really?

      • Direwolf says:

        It sad to think that any artform should feel the need to be commercialized but, it is happening. It’s happening to literature, take Twilight or The Hunger Games. Or even art, we went for Monet to single lines on massive canvases that sell for thousands of dollars. Notice how majority of our homo sapien population is made up of bimbos and people deficit of grey matter. They are not going to take the time to realize that a musician has carefully considered the lyrics or the style of each album. They couldn’t possible comprehend it, let alone appreciate it! They want something that is easy to digest. If singers and bands can make money out of supplying an intellectually degenerate audience with pretty tunes and simple lyrics, why won’t they?

        I understand that the examples you’ve given are complete opposites and are in no way similar. It’s blasphemous to think that someone could even say that. But they did, which goes to show how pitiful our generation and the ones that are to follow, are. Instead of criticizing artists, understand that they’re giving the audience what they’re asking for.

      • the artist. says:

        Again, I understand. We, the listeners are the root cause of bad music. But something has to change! It’s pitiful.
        Growing children read twilight instead of romeo and juliet.
        But supply preceded demand. So somewhere, record labels have to take the blame. But singers do to; look at what t-pain lives off. Couldn’t cut it as a rapper so chose to auto tune his voice. Pathetic.

  2. Direwolf says:

    We is everyone. You’re certainly not part of ‘that lot’. The mass audience is to blame, not all the listeners. But your point is valid. I’m just saying cribbing about it never helped.

    • the artist. says:

      If I didn’t “crib,” and express my opinions on things I’d be reduced to a life lacking intriguing discussions like this one 🙂 besides what you title cribbing I title musings… Peace direwolf, go vegetarian for a bit

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