The cunning of women

Women, I tell you, have become far too clever. They’ve mastered a technique of ending conversations and dismissing men in such a way that we simply cannot get annoyed to.

Obviously, this is a gross generalisation as some women lack the inability to make conversation and others simply don’t want to dismiss men out of some feminine insecurity. Anyway… Off late, I’ve noticed that I’ve become the recipient of lines such as “well have a good day” or “I’m going to let you get back to work.”
While the author of such lines revels in their cunning, you’re left thinking “but I had more to say!”
Well, too bad. Women have evolved from the days of giving “brb’s of no return” to giving sudden one liners of dismissal.

As a samaritan, I write this post advising men to take a stand! Enough is enough! Stop thinking about her domestic skills and start realising she’s slowly but surely establishing control over you!
I could let this post wander down the path of gender humour stating things like “we gave them the vote, they gave us Sarah Palin” and what not. But my message is clear; when you see the conversation going somewhere, insert a quick “have a good day” to leave them hanging!
Take back the pants I tell you! Carpe Diem!


20120427-050940 PM.jpg


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