One helluva disaster

“OMG! That’s so awesome”
“OMG! That’s so mean”
This girl is worse than a ruptured spleen.
She’s a poser for the camera lens
A sucker for the boy in a benz
Bit of a dancer,
She’s a means to an end kind of romancer.
Take a chance and, hah, she’ll consume you like cancer.

Dirtier than Diana,
She’ll leave you kneeling at her alter
More ruthless than a hyena,
The more you try the more you falter.
She’s dystopia realised
A toxic treasure, yet still immensely prised,
She’s got a great public image
But she’s just a mirage
A tainted, shallow soul
She gets by only because of her pretty visage.
She treats people like fashion,
Discarded at the end of the season without much passion.

Then, without warning, it’s over, she’s done.
She’s used you, abused you and had all her fun.
The heart you gave her, well she shot it like a hitman with a handgun
All that’s left of you is.. A shadow under the burning sun.

20120428-125659 AM.jpg


2 comments on “One helluva disaster

  1. Direwolf says:

    “She’s got a great public image
    But she’s just a mirage”

    This is my favourite line.

    It’s sad to think that majority of young female population think it is alright to behave like this. This is what is considered ‘normal’ nowadays and it saddens me.

    • the artist. says:

      I guess people today striving for acceptance inadvertently endorse straying away fromthe “norm”
      “be yourself no matter what they say” clearly not lyrics of our generation :/

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