Tumblr’ing away

I probably would be slapped with a lawsuit for libel against a social networking site by the name of Tumblr. But what the hell, I have not a penny to my name and I like the title too damn much to censor it.

The point is social networking sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook glorify beautiful people. The girls from the library are made to look like ladies who have either showered in make-up or ladies from movies for those aged 21 and above. The debate captains dimple faced Calvin Klein models. It’s unfortunate though. I accept that sex sells, but we’re not trying to sell things on free social networking sites.

Social networking is an option for us to be ourselves and connect with friends and/or appreciate pieces of work by strangers. Seven billion people have the option to recreate Pangea within the confines of cyberspace, yet we choose to display flawless perfection of made up people.

I probably will get hammered for this post, but it’s my opinion and I know deep down, some of you agree with me. Show yourself because whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are, you are beautiful in your own way and if the world can’t respect that, they don’t deserve you.


2 comments on “Tumblr’ing away

  1. VillaDos says:

    We are a society that loves beautiful people. Majority of people want to be something they aren’t, so they reblog/post/share flawless images because they are aspiring towards it. Or maybe they just like good looking people, who doesn’t? Whether we agree with this personally or not, is futile.

    I agreet that this superficiality can have adverse effects on the ones that see it but, only if they allow it.

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