Stop Commenting Crap!

Before you choose to ignore this post, I assure you it is not a polemic against the miserable soul who attempted to tarnish my blog with inexplicably poor grammar and petty comments. No, this post is a rant against those who comment absolute nonsense on youtube videos or on articles.

I read somewhere that literacy rates are on the rise across the world; however, the statistics bureau failed to note that the amount of inbred cyberspace users is also on the rise. You read an article discussing the American Presidential elections and some lunatic, who escaped from the asylum, decides to lambast the article because it didn’t take into account Romney’s ineptitude on the basketball court.
Yes, I see the link. A man with launch codes will be less effective if he can’t
consistently sink three pointers.

Then you get the idiots from countries like India and Pakistan who, as opposed to appreciating the video, choose to curse and abuse each other. Really, six sixes against and English bowler is not an indication of nuclear superiority and Afridi’s head and Shoulders ad is not a sign of match fixing. After reading such derogatory comments, I feel so enraged, I wish I could rip the commenting fools’ head and shoulders off.

20120421-023751 PM.jpg
Lastly, you often come across the terminally… Okay I promised myself I’d attempt political correctness, so… Often you come across those interesting individuals who write an essay claiming the article is completely incorrect, when in actuality it is describing your exact sentiments.

Clearly, we need a new healthcare bill passed because people seem to be suffering either from amnesia or blindness.

Leave a comment stating an opinion pertaining to the article, or in polite rebuttal of another commet.
Keep religion away from comments. Keep petty remarks away, in fact I wish I could speak to these frustrated, hateful few and Teach them a forgotten lesson of their childhood; “if you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all.”


3 comments on “Stop Commenting Crap!

  1. So damn true.
    I would definitely join you for this war! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    So I just read this properly. For putting up these 2 articles that I’ve laughed so much at, you are actually the best :’)

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