Setting the record straight.

I could let my blog continue in the same manner as the last two posts and allow for a person who dislikes me to be etched into cyberspace as an infamous, pathetic personality. But why? For cheap thrills at hitting back? For momentary satisfaction at hunting the hunter? Am I really going to let these actions define me? The answer is simple; NO.

I have been through a lot in the last year, most of which you all know about. However, people choose to take my downfall and turn it into opportunistic moments. It’s similar to having an illness that weakens your immune system and then watch opportunistic parasites attack you and attempt to decimate you. Now you can’t run away and hide, they will find you. But neither should you sink to their level as I did fleetingly today. No, you take an antibiotic and build up your immune system so that come tomorrow, you stand stronger and wiser in the face of oppression.

I’m no Chuck Norris. I cannot teach my dog to pick up it’s own droppings because I don’t take shit from anyone. I’m just a guy who enjoys writing anonymously. Who is growing older just like anyone else. Who has ups and downs, just like anyone else. Who lives, loves, laughs, cries. Just like… anyone else. I could use my blogging space to set the record straight and proudly say that I get a massively positive response and reveal my statistics to corroborate my claim.

I could publish pictures of my acceptance letters to universities in order to prove I have no reason to lie. I could publish my “under process” American visa status to explicitly state that life has been unfair to me recently. But life is too short to engage in such petty scuffles with cowards.

This blog is for me to express myself. Haters will always hate, just as dogs will always bark. The common factor between both is that they are inbred and I have no need to hide from them. I’m taking the high road today and If I stand alone tomorrow it’ll be because the Winner Stands Alone.

If I stand with friends tomorrow it will be because I am a blessed person. More often than not, I am undeserving of the brilliant people around me, but as long as they remain, I will cherish them with all that I have.

You have those posts where you get several likes and feel elated only to click on comments and read that “you’re a terrible writer” and other unnerving statements. My sanctuary is a public arena and I’ve been made to feel like a gladiator within my own Colosseum. However, I will write better, I will fight harder but I will do it on my own terms.

So if you feel the need to comment with baseless and down right rude statements, and are not brave enough to leave your name at the bottom, then for you, my inbred, insipid friend I pray. I pray that whatever you are struggling with. Whatever past failures you attribute to me. Whatever inferiority complex you have let fester within you leaves and you grow wiser with age. I pray for you white you strike me down.

Remember, if you make me a funambulist, someone, somewhere will return the favour. Except rather than climbing back up like I did, you might just perish to the bottomless depths of despair. Save yourself while you still have time.

Goodbye and Good-luck .


15 comments on “Setting the record straight.

  1. DG says:

    Excellent. I’m proud to call you my best friend 🙂

  2. You’ve got a friend in me! Hang in there. As a person who is in the public eye, I get scrutinized a lot. It stinks, but it has made me stronger. You keep doing what you are doing, because you do have fans that are rooting for you. =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    an amazing article written by an amazing person! 😉

  4. Reinkingittoo says:

    You’re awe-spiring no one can ever take that away from you. And when in doubt I’ll tell you over and over again because its the truth. keep writing brilliantly! Keep inspiring us all! To paraphrase Malcolm X: Haters will hate but we all appreciate. Xxx

  5. PB says:

    Oooh, I wanna play, I would love playing. But unless you can just attack me and not involve people I love into it I won’t. Oh, and when your defending yourself, it might be useful to let people see what the attack actually was? Like dont defend yourself to something people cant see now, like I bet this wont go through either. Oh well.

    I do promise you I shall play though, this is very interesting and I do have things to say, but you shall have to give me time, I do have stuff to do you see. Take away all insults pertaining to other people and please do send me a message. Oh and get that initial post up first as well please, where it belongs 😀

    Hopefully, Ill see you soon, Until then good luck.

    • the artist. says:

      It’s sad with “so much to do” you find time to try and belittle me.
      Clearly you’re missing me far too much. Oh and if you really wanted to see me, you wouldn’t hide your ungainly deformed body behind a computer screen.
      Do what you must little child, you’ve seen the support I have, I see the loneliness you’re experiencing.
      Come at me bro, with all that you have.
      Same insults and same pettiness, no wonder one of those you loved couldn’t wait to get away from you. But remember, even dead people talk, don’t instigate them.

      • PB says:

        You know you can keep on insulting me all you like, but here another reminder, if you think you can take me, which you obviously do think you can do, then why delete my initial ‘cowardness’ as you put it, and why attack other people. If your insulting me, then insult me, I dont need to fall to that level, and trust me, based on the information your ‘best friend’ as she so puts it has given me over the years, I can fall to that level, but you know what, Ill take the high road.

        You wanna play? Play with me. Ill join you when you can take the high road too and stop showing your 200 or so viewers what level you fall too. Ungainly deformed body? Ok, wow, that hurts so much, can you give me your shoulder to cry on? What are you? A 14 year old girl?

      • the artist. says:

        Problem is, your initial comment was placed in the spam folder… That in itself speaks volumes.
        So much for your exams though, such speedily replies! Almost like you suffer from premature ejaculation. But before you suggest it’s a case of pot calling kettle black, I’ll have you know, I’m just writing a new post called “Emma” 🙂

        I’d give you my shoulder to cry on, not because I’m a 14 year old girl, but because I believe in charitable acts.

        Goodness was never your forte but it
        seems maturity, humility and simple acts of civilisation aren’t either.

  6. PB says:

    If you seriously want to write a story about my dead ex-girlfriend please do, it shows more about your character then mine, If anything in there insults anything, Im done here, I will take as many insults as you have about me, But I will not stand for anything said about her.

    • the artist. says:

      You’re ex is called emma!? Shocking! I was writing about my friend emma! I am so sorry for the misunderstanding. No, I couldn’t possibly sink to such levels, I’m not your reflection after all.
      You should never have been on here because I never had anything against you.
      You should have grown up left a long time ago Pranav.
      Still time, leave. This is my blog. You want to expose it to the world Nd humiliate me, do so. Don’t waste your time and definitely don’t waste mine.

      This isn’t a game, it never was. It was your attempt at tormenting me and attempting to disturb my friendship. Let
      It go buddy, life is too short, you should know that. Let. It. Go.

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