Bhatia’s Bullshit. Post 1

Thank God he’s gone… I mean… Hah! what a self centred guy. “The Artist” well maybe that’s what people who are on a gap year call themselves. I had to rip into him last year to shut down his first blog and well, he’s trying something new by not running away this time, but instead handing it over to me. Me! the number one best writer in the world.

Let me begin by giving you a history lesson on the past 19 years of my life.

When I was born, my mother slapped my father because one look at me, and she regretted allowing my father to let his seed run rampant within her. To date, I continue to apologize to her, but I don’t think she understands, because when I say “sorry” it sounds more like I’m saying “Thorry.” It’s clear I got really bad genes…

To highlight just how bad my genes are, puberty left me confused. I grew up thinking I was a boy, then suddenly at the age of 12 I developed both a moustache and breasts. Rather confused and even more ashamed of my existence than I had ever been, I decided to befriend girls because it would really be awkward for me to go into La Senza alone… Fortunately that worked for me and girls started trusting me so I thought I could get a head start on being a bonafide Hugh Hefner. Unfortunately, I realized I was only looked at like Pamela Anderson and that was that.

Oh, I think I’ve said a lot already for my first post. Let me have a look at the statistics of this blog. Damn, clearly I was wrong, The Artist gets nearly 200 views A DAY!? What kind of lunatics read his blog?

Anyway, enough for this post, have a look at my twitter for more and maybe, just maybe I’ll be back with some more anecdotes for you.!/bigboypranav –> my twitter.


2 comments on “Bhatia’s Bullshit. Post 1

  1. Adil Wafa says:

    This is actually hilarious. Thorry 😛

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