Where do we go now?

20120414-024126 AM.jpg

You don’t know where we stand so how about we sit?
Quit arguing and talk for a bit…
Understand what we’re saying
Rather than dragging our feet and delaying.

We were once together
Now we’re apart
Maybe if we ignored our history
Our friendship could get a real start

But first you need to know that’s what you want.
I’m here for your happiness, i’m not here to haunt.
Yesterday’s over, i’m not using the past to taunt
You need to decide soon because indecisiveness isn’t attractive to flaunt.

Either we move forward or say goodbye,
There will be no bitterness, so no need to cry.
No matter what, we’ll remain close even if it’s just as a memory,
To call upon each other would be to simply escape into a reverie…

20120414-024143 AM.jpg


5 comments on “Where do we go now?

  1. amitaag says:


  2. AG says:

    S says goodbye.

  3. AG says:

    P says go to hell

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