Societal despair

Judgement is normality,
Redemption is a rarity
This status quo has me feeling a lot of apathy.
My societal despair seems beyond repair,
When people don’t see each other
Even though they unabashedly stare.

They say the journey is more
Important than the destination,
Yet what can I hope for when people
only care about my past presentation?

“Stay away from him, he’s a poisonous snake,”
You don’t even know me so give me a break.
I’m not a mercenary, I feel remorse.
I worked for forgiveness till my hands went coarse.

Just like you I have dreams,
I dream for a place where judgement is a rarity,
Redemption is normality
And there’s no need for repair
Because there’s no such thing as societal despair.

20120411-040620 PM.jpg


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