“Howzzat!?” for a thought

If you entered the blog address into your URL today and you are not a cricketing fan, I urge you to have a read anyway, because this post, despite the title, isn’t just about cricket.

As an Indian, I’ve recently been wondering why I do not support Pakistan when they play another team. They are my neighbours and less than 70 years ago, we were one big (okay maybe not the happiest) country. So why, in the 21st century, do I raucously berate a team that is actually pretty damn good?

— I paused here to think of a really philosophical answer, you should too —

There is no philosophical answer; I’m just a narrow minded fool at times, or maybe I just don’t like the colour green…

Anyway, the point stands, that even if I can’t find the maturity within me to “love thy neighbour” and cheer on the Pakistani team, I definitely should not hate on them. As someone who enjoys sports, I ought to support a good game of cricket.

And for all of those who will be shaking their heads at what I’ve been saying, consider this; when Pakistan play England, if you support England and hate on Pakistan, you clearly have got your history all wrong. England were the colonial lords and oppressors to both of the nations, so if anything you ought to be against them! (I do apologize to any English person reading this post, you just make for very good examples)

So next time Pakistan play a team that is not India (sorry my niceties end there) I will simply say CHAK DE CRICKET


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