There’s Only One Tree Hill.

Okay… this is the fourth time I’m starting this post and this time I’m going for simplicity.

One Tree Hill is airing its series finale in a few hours and I’ve begun to plan life without the show… Let’s just say I’ve had more success climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

I began watching the show at the age of 12 and have watched it ever since. 9 seasons later the CW network has finally pulled the plug on a show that I hold in the highest regard. Granted it isn’t a show critics raved about or a show that had the most intellectual plot lines, but it was a show with a message, friendship and family do matter. No matter how successful you become or how villainous you are, if you don’t have family or friendship, you have nothing. That should be good enough for anyone. If it isn’t then; the show gave you banter, basketball, blondes and brunettes. Still not convinced? The show gives you 9 seasons worth of fantastic music and musicians. Still not convinced? The show gives you a treasure chest worth of dialogues and voice overs.

I really could go into detail and describe the dynamic relationships between the lead characters or I could simply drone on and on about the lead antagonist Dan Scott, but I don’t think any amount of words can do justice to Mark Schwahn’s OTH.

If you’re still not convinced, kindly contact the emergency services, you’re suffering from a mental handicap.

Nevertheless, One Tree Hill is ending and as I hate to admit it, but I will miss the TV show dearly because despite all the tv shows out there, there is only ONE TREE HILL.

That place is One Tree Hill


One comment on “There’s Only One Tree Hill.

  1. DG says:

    can’t believe it’s ending! gave us so many memories too! we should finish it together 🙂

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