Being Lonely Alone

When told that I am insufferably unsociable person, people believe such a phrase will evoke a belligerent self defence. However they are mistaken. I completely disagree with the saying that “loneliness is the scariest thing out there,” as I can’t help but believe there are multiple forms of loneliness and the one I indulge in is somewhat refreshing and enjoyable.

For the sake of clarity let’s assume there are two forms of loneliness; 1) unwanted and unsought loneliness that is brought about courtesy societal negligence. 2) A self imposed exile brought about by the pursuit of solitary confinement. It’s the second option that I find myself constantly a part of.

Now let’s step for a moment into the grey area where loneliness isn’t voluntary or involuntary but instead it is a reflex action. The fear that our personalities are too much of an aberration to the demands of certain social circles. The fear that we enjoy being an enigma in the face of so much certainty and clarity. The fear that we aren’t worthy of company because we have a tendency to ruin situations of tranquillity with the myriad of complexities that define us. If you haven’t let me assist you, there’s a pattern forming. Our reflex loneliness is brought about by fear and our fear is brought about by self doubt.

Loneliness, to me, allows for perspective. It allows for a freedom that cannot be ceased or influenced by anyone else. Loneliness allows for staring out into the space and doing things as per your convenience.

However Tennessee Williams decided to bother my lonely status quo by claiming that I am inexcusably selfish for being alone when there are so many lonely people around. Perhaps I am. Perhaps I ought to rid myself of all my inhibitions and reach out my hand to you and then we could begin to eliminate the loneliness everybody feels.

Understanding each other will pave way for discussion which will pave way for acceptance. Loneliness isn’t terminal. If you don’t want to be lonely, just know that there’s someone out there who’s lonely too.


3 comments on “Being Lonely Alone

  1. inducares says:

    As long as loneliness allows freedom & peace it is fine, but today more & more people are going into depression because of it…..your last line contains a useful hint—-when more people are lonely then there are greater chances of finding them to end loneliness.

  2. littleglassgirl says:

    Usually I am sceptical of writings like this that seem to capture my feelings. But your pondering here has hit home, specifically at this time. Are we right to try and distance ourselves from others because we believe we cause more chaos than good to people? Or is that our own selfish or subjective view talking, that doesn’t hold any weight in reality?

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