Speak now or forever hold your silence

A year ago, one of my musings discussed the importance of friendships and it seems the topic has somewhat resurfaced.
Recently two people I knew left this world under unfortunate circumstances; one succumbed to cancer and the other succumbed to the perils of being a teenager. Yet both had one thing in common. When the lived they were appreciated by many and detested by many more. Yet in death, everyone celebrated their lives and were full of niceties that, while their hearts were beating, were non-existent.
Suffice to say then, my fingers itched to label a large group of people as indecent and fraudulent.
I simply wish to ask; why couldn’t you spare a nice comment when the now deceased, were living?
Why did you only set fires were you now light candles?

If you were devoid of decency then, do not seek redemption in a few obligatory words.
Perhaps we ought to pay our respects to the living rather than waiting for them to depart.

To those who are gone, may you never be forgotten. Rest in peace.
To those who are here; speak now or
forever hold your silence

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One comment on “Speak now or forever hold your silence

  1. Aniruddha says:

    perfectly said … we often tend to take people for granted when they are around and realize their importance only after they leave us never to return. May be the fact that we won’t see them ever makes us realize the existence of the niceties about the deceased.
    – Aniruddha

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