Just a picture?

Take a look at a picture on your phone, or laptop or in a frame that sits atop a table in your abode.
No seriously, ignore my verbose statements and just have a look at some of your pictures.

See that stranger in the background? Ever paid them any attention? Well now’s the time; imagine how many pictures of other strangers you feature in and just imagine how many moments of these strangers lives have we been a part of. Were you a part of the moment their dreams came true? Or did they feature in a picturesque moment in your life while their dreams were tumbling around them like uncontrollable dominoes?

Just think; you could be a part of someone’s life and not even know it.
So don’t treat anyone as a stranger, keep them at arms length if you must, but give them a smile. You never know; maybe they’ll ask you to be in their picture.

20120326-102229 PM.jpg


One comment on “Just a picture?

  1. Aniruddha says:

    yeah … a “New Post” provoking thought.
    A link back is coming your way pretty soon.
    – Aniruddha

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