Letter no. 4

My Dear Friend!

I was positively delighted to see a letter with your name on it. However, the contents have left me perturbed and rather perplexed. The news about your mother and her accident has left me and the family in shock! Please send us your contact details so we can get in touch with the family.

However; the reason I write to you today surrounds your sudden interest in defending the criminals at Wall Street, and suggesting that the protesters are violent and foolhardy and need to “suck it up.” Your views are absolutely abhorrent to say the least. Have you altered your stance on society to the extent where you condone greed?

If you take the wages of 100 protesters you might not be able to equal bonuses received by the powers that be within these organisations you wholeheartedly defend. You claim that bad times are part of a cycle, yet what kind of people are we dealing with, who, through mismanagement and simple put; stupidity, have broken the cycle and left the parts to rust. We the people, my dear friend, are not just cogs in a machine that can be deposed of when the high command feels like it. We the people, whose blood, sweat and tears gives them their suits and private jets cannot afford (literally and figuratively) to sit around and accept our fate, our downward spiral.

In a growing population and internationally tottering economies you question where will the jobs come from? Well the jobs need to be created my friend. The governments need to encourage enterprise, they need to encourage investment and invention. According to research, there need to be at least 321,000 jobs created a month for the next five years for this world to regain any sense of stability, and until then, we have no other option but to protest and seek reforms that benefit those who most need it, the majority. We have been suffocated by the burden of a national debt, with the cost of living rising everywhere. You yourself might not have been hit, but from the ground level, where I stand, I see the widespread destruction.

I do not ask that you rethink your stance; I ask that you consider the following image.

Best wishes always,

~ N ~


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