Letter no. 3

My dearest friend,

I hear you have fallen victim to a bout of the flu. May you recover speedily and go about your daily business with the unyielding spirit that is a defining quality of your being.

A thought has sown itself into the very foundation of my mind and has since grown uncontrollably like a malignant tumour. I write to you, therefore, with hopes that the freedom of expression these letters afford me will provide me with some much needed respite.

As you know, my mother and I share a fractured relationship, courtesy a slew of irreconcilable differences.
Today; however, I came across an article that verifies a theory that somewhat justifies a portion of my anger.

The article suggested that parents do have “favourites” when it comes to their children. However, the article pragmatically warns parents to avoid explicitly expressing such favouritism for fear of developing negative sentiments in their other children and between siblings.

Now while my relationship with my sibling has run the ill fated course of the titanic, the article does seem to shed some understanding on my predicament. My mother has failed for nearly two decades to show a neutrality necessary in a mother. It is without any bias and with ample evidence that I can state, her maternal instincts seem grossly stunted when I am concerned while she can see no flaw in my sibling.

While I had suffered the wound of neglection from my mother as a child, I was told not to detest her for time would heal such a wound and our fragmented relationship would become whole. Yet, now, after a significant mount of time has elapsed I vehemently disagree with the old adage. This wound has only become deeper with time.

I do have other reasons, yet I belive this reason might be the root cause for such discontentment. Nevertheless, blood is thicker than water and I mantaim hope that this will one day hold true for my mother and me.

Wishing you a speedy recovery with this potentially remedious paper of thoughts,


20120306-125012 AM.jpg


3 comments on “Letter no. 3

  1. Off Duty Mom says:

    As a mom, I hope I try to show the neutrality you mention here. I have a relative who has a strained (that is putting it far too nicely) relationship with his parents and two siblings because (among other things) those parents didn’t even try to exercise this kind of neutrality. How awful. We should all be better parents (and in some cases, people) than our parents were…

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