Letter no. 2

Dear friend,

I have not heard back from you, nevertheless, I believe my recent thoughts regarding your departure need to be brought to your attention.

It seems I prosecuted you rather prematurely primarily because your departure caught me unawares. Only a few moments ago, i was told not unkindly by a mutual friend of ours that your reasons are rather complex and deeply rooted within the trials and tribulations of family politics.
Unfortunately, I happen to know a fair bit about the idiocy of family members and the extents to which they shall go to procure a greater proportion of attention or family wealth.
It is testament to a larger society how the prospect of riches embezzle even the noblest amongst us and leads us to commit attocracies towards all disregarding even the most significant of relationships; that of our parents.
Such is the importance of money that even our language has begun to mould itself around money. I have heard an acronym being uttered with increasing frequency off late “ATM.” Where this acronym once referred to a machine from which money was withdrawn, it is now simply used by people to identify themselves as “addicted to money.”

Nevertheless, I do sincerely hope that you overcome the issues that beset you with rational reasoning and a cool composure. We have seen together how false steps and irrational violent acts have divided many a house and as we both have read a countless amount of times; ‘a house divided cannot stand.’

As always, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health.



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One comment on “Letter no. 2

  1. banti says:

    -Good piece of information.

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