Letter no. 1

Dear friend,

Your departure was an untimely one. Neither did it permit an appropriate farewell, nor did it afford me the luxury of self preparation for a lengthy period without companionship.

Thus, I have become something of an anathema to myself, unable to emerge from this cocoon of self loathing.
My pursuit of adventure and knowledge has significantly dwindled and I find myself resorting to extended periods of silence, unable to rouse myself and pursue meaningful conversation and merely drowning in a cesspit of conspiracies and plot lines for novels that begin and end within the boundaries of my seemingly limitless imagination.

Your greatest crime is then, leaving me devoid of a sparring partner, for both my wit and my ego. I have naught but this sheet of paper upon which I can convey my sentiments.

Alas, it is not my wish to offend you, nay it is my desire to bridge this vast communication gap that has gripped us. Awaiting your response with the patience of an unfinished novel,


20120303-022954 PM.jpg


3 comments on “Letter no. 1

  1. You are so sweet. I didn’t know you missed me that much! ;D

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