Don’t hate on the weird guy.

Hello, yes, hello

So I have a lot of quirks, my most recently discovered one, was my aversion to sleep. No I am not a vampire you Twilight obsessed child, I just like being awake.

I am not a Vampire you silly person.

Unfortunately, majority of the world does not share my sentiments and therefore I am constantly questioned as to why I awake so early. Well it’s simple. I like natural light. No, you crazy oil baron, I’m not anti electrically powered lighting, I just prefer day time in which I can enjoy the crisp morning air as opposed to the lethargic midday air. I also prefer to get my work done and dusted as soon as possible and maximize the amount of time I can spend on recreation and other non work related tasks such as pondering the mysteries of the universe.

So just because you are a fan of sleeping in and wasting away daytime, do not label me weird.

Often; however, when I stroll down a street, my imagination runs more freely than a free hugs campaign. Sigh, don’t hate on the weird guy, embrace him…


3 comments on “Don’t hate on the weird guy.

  1. DG says:

    I like the weird guy! 🙂

  2. SB says:

    hahahahaha this sounds like me!

  3. Reinkingittoo says:

    LOL! I was anticipating this… 🙂

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