Inspirational Story –> Rolling in the Awards

If ever there was a story to inspire people, it wasn’t about an impoverished child that took the world by storm and became unbelievably successful, nor was it the leadership of a notable political figure; it was the story of a singer called Adele.

A few months ago, she was forced out of a tour on the back of several insults that targeted, not her talent, but her weight. She was constantly under scrutiny for being on the heavier side, which somewhat took away from the brilliance of her music and her haters were mounting an unrelenting onslaught.

Yet she took time out, began her path to emotional recovery, overcame her health problems and in last night’s Grammys; stole the show by winning 6 awards out of 6 nominations. To her haters, she annihilated them with a strong showing at the awards and at the young age of 23, Adele can already be classified as an inspirational story for everyone out there.

Perhaps Victor Hugo’s quote can be specifically directed towards Adele “Inspiration and Genius… 1 and the same.

Here’s a final testament to Adele’s brilliance; not even Kanye wanted to interrupt.


2 comments on “Inspirational Story –> Rolling in the Awards

  1. subhorup says:

    I find Adele quite promising, though many people, especially those into the harder genres of rock, might not even have a clue who she is, at least till the awards rolled in. Very nicely written profile of this performer.

    You might enjoy my post The Revolution Will Not Be Televised at

  2. Eimear Fraid says:

    Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Jim Rohn

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