I really wanted to feel bad about Whitney Houston’s death. However, the closest I could come to sadness, was shock at such an unexpected demise. Whitney Houston was one of those people whose music stood the test of time. Even today, teenage girls, at least once, have you-tubed “I will always love you.” American Idol hopefuls have sung her song multiple times and parents of all ages have watched Bodyguard and praise her multi talented persona.

The events of the past two days are a testament to how loved Whitney Houston is.

I sustained an injury a few days ago and my mother neither batted an eyelid nor did she express an overly maternal concern, yet upon hearing about Whitney Houston’s unexpected demise tears began a free fall from her eyes and she seemed dazed until my cynicism got the better of her stupor and she decided to chastise me….

Nevertheless, Whitney Houston’s loss affects everyone, be it the middle aged women who grew up singing her songs, or the music lovers of today who go to competitions only to belt out their versions of Whitney Houston.

Even those who enjoy literature will mourn her loss, for Whitney’s importance to society was penned by Brett Easton Ellis in American Psycho, when a racist Patrick Bateman overlooks her gender and gives Whitney’s music critical acclaim.

The woman who said ‘I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow if I fail, if I succeed at least I did as I believe’ has left us all in her shadow. She will be missed and mourned for years to come. However, she will be celebrated for eternity.



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