The joke that is the BCCI.

India got thrashed in England. The BCCI were disappointed, Harbhajan was cut, but the team and the BCCI were content with the fact that India had won the world cup and it would take time to improve.

India got thrashed in the tests against Australia. The Indian public is calling for a massive overhaul but the players themselves are content with winning at home and don’t seem overly disturbed by the mauling they’re receiving oversees.

Recently Sahara withdraws its sponsorship deal with team India and the BCCI spiral into panic mode, attempting to pacify the sponsors and sort out the problems. However, the Indian team continues to under-perform, persisting with failed tactics and a coach who is somewhat either apathetic or ineffective and the BCCI remains unmoved.

Duncan who?

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What a waste of words. The definition of insanity; The BCCI and Indian cricket team.

Too much money, not enough of substantial performances. The players spend more time endorsing products than sticking around at the batting crease, The BCCI gives more credence to issues surrounding sponsors and the IPL than the dismal performance of the team.

The Indian public would be better off withdrawing their support. Enough is enough. Humiliate us no more.

champions? no more.



One comment on “The joke that is the BCCI.

  1. Uvindu Perera says:

    The amount of money available to a players does not translate into performance. Indian fan’s biggest problem is not understanding this. With county Cricket and what not, English players have been earning decent amounts for a long time before IPL was even thought of. But that never made them World Cup holders. Indian’s had an amazing run up to the last WC and also managed to save their pride when England visited them recently. So give them a break for goodness sake. And I’m pretty sure the team is more humiliated than the people watching them loose.

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