What the world can learn from Bollywood..

This is an odd title, because there isn’t much the world can love from a society that is fighting to discover it’s identity. You go from songs like “dhaeon dhaeon” to failed overacting and one wonders why awards are allocated like so;

Best Movie –> Closest to hollywood film with bollywood  twist.

Best Actress –> Woman who can make skimpy look elegant and scandalous look justified.

Best Actor –> Best aberration to the norm.

Best Song –> Either the one with the most melodramatic movie or Akon as the singer.

Anyway…. now that my mini rant, spanning two days and encompassing the Film-Fare awards is over, let me get to the crux of this post.

There was once a time in Bollywood when actors such as Dev Anand graced the big screen and gave a spectacular display of acting in accordance with stellar scripts. The movie under the scanner today though is “Mughal – e – Azam,” starring Prithviraj Kapoor, Dev Anand and the legendary Madhubala. The story to the ignorant is an epic concerning Akbar and his son Salim. However, the all rounded excellence of the movie aside, what really appealed to me was the banter and sheer brilliance of the dialogues.

Now to really get to the point that justifies my title.

With valentines day approaching and a whole slew of romantic gestures involving bouquets of red roses approaching; take a moment to process this dialogue said by court dancer Anarkali to Salim after he gives her not a rose, but a thorn;

Jahe naseeb. Kaanton ko murjhane ka khauf nahin.

I am fortunate to receive thorns for thorns never wither.

So maybe all those overly self indulgent women should give their men a break this valentines day and ignore the norms and instead learn from the gorgeous Madhubala.


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