It’s a full-stop. Not a gunshot.

Once upon a time, society was afraid of violence, disease, lethal injections, criminals, betrayal and other genuinely bad things. Now in the era of “lol” and “ROFL,” society has become afraid of a simple dot, better known as a full-stop.

Somehow, in an age where literacy rates are on the rise, there are people who, if you still use fullstops will reply [by twitter or otherwise] ‘why are you angry?’ As if a fullstops were somehow analogous to a bout of abruptness brought on by anger. As if it were possible to do be angry with a dot.

Here’s a piece of information for you; there is an aspect of written English classified as punctuation. At the end of a sentence a full-stop is used. No one is shouting. No one is being abrupt.

So no. I will continue to use fullstops because I am an educated individual who is not interested in the nuances of a seemingly apathetic dot. If I am angry at you, I will tell you without caps-lock and punctuation as theatrics.

Peace out.


One comment on “It’s a full-stop. Not a gunshot.

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