I’m surrounded by idiots

Saying things out loud takes effort. Saying things out very loud takes a lot of effort. Therefore, saying things out loud with gravitas takes an immeasurable amount of effort. So much effort in fact, that unless you are being paid, there is no point.

The above realization only dawned on me recently, and until then I would spend my days expressing my accurate and humble opinion of the people surrounded by me like so;

Observe the toll taken upon the honourable Barney Stinson here as he vents his frustration with the idiocy that surrounds him. In lieu of such strenuous methods, I opted for a more elegant method. The Scar-method;

Observe how Scar is both disdainful and effective in voicing his opinions. However, after realizing that this attempt was only viable for a Machiavellian lion, I opted instead to not say anything at all. Instead, I utilize Scar’s method with volume control.

Now, with the simple action of pressing down on the object above, I can convey my disgust for those around me without operating my voice box.

That is a job well done. Thank you Disney.


2 comments on “I’m surrounded by idiots

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  2. DG says:

    hahaha can so see you doing this..all of them 😛

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