Do we not like our shows any more? Or do we like them so much, we throw them at other people who probably don’t wear very nice shoes? Whatever the reason, stop throwing shoes! Before anyone decides to be a smart-ass and suggest something else, slapping doesn’t help either.

The list of people who shoes have thrown at has dramatically increased over the past few years. The act of throwing shoes was popularized in 2008, when a journalist seeking an increase in his blog’s readership decided to throw a shoe at George Bush. Credit to him, not for shoeing a politician, but for fuelling the economy as the company that manufactured the shoes experienced a surge in sales. However, George Bush moved on and the supposedly symbolic insult came back to haunt the journalist a month later when he himself was the victim of ‘shoeing.’

Then the next noteworthy victim was Chinese president Wen Jiabao who, while attending a conference at the university of Cambridge was at the receiving end of someone else’s shoes. Perhaps, it was the Italian shoe makers attempting to display the finesse of their shoe making, however; nothing changed and I agree with the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge that the institution is for ‘debate and argument, not for shoe throwing.’

Following these two lists, it seemed everybody wanted their share of media attention and decided to target other high profiled members across the world. The list began to include names such as; Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, John Howard, George (cannot spell his surname) Papandreou, Pervez Musharraf, Asif Ali Zardari, Hosni Mobarak and most recently, a slew of Indian Politicians.

Manmohan Singh, B.S Yeddyurappa (whose initials always make me chuckle), Suresh Kalmadi and most recently Rahul Gandhi. The point is… Well, I don’t see a point. Throwing shoes is quite frankly a pathetic and ridiculous way of protesting against politicians or other public figures. In fact, any display of violence as a form of protest is simply outrageous. Yes, these people probably deserve the people’s anger, but we the people are above such uncivilized methods.

Look at Martin Luther King, look at Gandhi; don’t let the work of these people be forgotten by people who don’t like their shoes. If you want to make a point, stand up and speak out. If you can’t speak out, unite with those who can.


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