He stared blankly at the screen of his mobile phone. ‘Incoming Call’ read the screen, yet neither did he move to answer the call nor did he have the intention of doing so. He had tried to fit in, he had tried to be a good person, but people kept disappointing him. In the end, he was left only with an unfathomable abyss of past failures and an uncertain dark tunnel that resembled his future.

He looked around him. The pedestrian crossing had frozen on a stubborn red instructing him not to cross. Speeding cars of different specifications moved in opposite directions, apathetic of his presence. Even the street lights refused to shine on him, leaving him in a spot occupied only by his dreary physical mass and darkness.

He liked to imagine that the drivers in their shiny cars noticed him, yet he knew how anonymous he was. Except the truth was no one noticed him until they needed to be noticed. It was not just an immaculate concept of anonymity. It was isolation.

Yet, when the pedestrian crossing symbol finally relented and flashed green, he turned up the collar of his jacket and walked across the road and into the mouth of the night.


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  1. DG says:

    Personal experience?

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