The influx of excessive endorphins you get when you receive your license is nothing compared to the onset of madness and uncontrollable anger one feels when their parents are in the passenger seats. It really gives a whole new definition to back-seat driving.

Just imagine a scenario wherein the driver is sticking to the speed limits, driving passively and defensively avoiding any teenage instincts. Instead of being allowed to drive independently; you are being told which route to take, what speed to drive on and as opposed to being allowed to pass criticisms on other’s driving you wallow and shrink into your seat while clutching a steering wheel. While you feel more and more infantile, your revered parents yell and use profane language to declare the driver slower than you an idiot, and the driver speeding a maniac.

Perhaps parents forget that by entrusting us with the car keys, they should realize they have allowed us to drive their car and consequently allow us to do so.

However, parents are parents and are hard-wired to be over cautious, and overwhelming. Nevertheless, perhaps driving centres should be equipped with anger management therapists or lawyers, with whom, the innocent teenager can discuss the possibilities of emancipation…

Finally, come on! We cannot listen to the people who remember a time where bicycles reigned over the highways tell us how to drive.

if only...


2 comments on “Driving…


    my father always occupy the front seat, he will help a lot at worst circumstances, i feel better to have them while driving..
    life is important than anything right ?

  2. DG says:

    SO SO TRUE!!!

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