Love, Life and Laughter

Love, Life and laughter,

It’s what we are all after,

But greed is one hell of a recipe for disaster.

Once the damage is done, you can’t fix it with a little plaster.

You have to identify the cause

Check the laws

You can’t go through the motions any faster

Before you fight back, first grow your claws.


The world is your oyster and you wore your heart on your sleeve,

The stupidity of the above you cannot begin to believe.

Cause someone will put a sword in the oyster and feed your heart the daws,

then you’ll be left looking like someone on the set of jaws.


Instead rationalise the future, and correctly assess your past.

Don’t avoid it, instead recover from the blast.

Rebuild yourself and raise your own mast.

Only then you’ll win this game and not wind up last.


Love, Life and Laughter,

Do it right and you’ll get there before, not after.


2 comments on “Love, Life and Laughter

  1. DG says:

    love it – you better get there before not after! 🙂

  2. Very nice poem… loved it… 🙂

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