Possibly the first movie I remember watching was Lion King. The first Bollywood movie I remember watching was Yes Boss, a move I still remember the songs and plot off. Growing up outside India and being educated in the British system initially limited the extent of bollywood in my life; however, I never deviated from watching Shahrukh Khan movies.

Shahrukh khan’s movies are a true masala mix; one minute he’s making you cringe with lame antics and the next minute you’re holding back tears as he gives an inspirational and emotional monologue. One minute he’s the manic stalker and the next minute, his ‘arms-spread-wide’ pose makes Leonardo Di Caprio look like an amateur.

It’s rather infuriating then to see critics pan him for ambitious projects such as RA.ONE. However, how many people applauded Shahrukh Khan for coming out of his comfort zone as Bollywood’s romantic and instead saving the world in a superhero outfit.

Shahrukh Khan as a name is a powerhouse. Yes Salman Khan might be raking in the cash and storming the box office with brain dead films in which all he has to do is move his belt, dance like a robot and throw people around; however, ask Salman Khan to don a superhero outfit or play the role of the infamous Don, or to lead the Indian Women Hockey Team to world cup glory or to be a cancer patient or to be imprisoned in a Pakistan prison simply because he fell in love. Ask Salman Khan to do those things, then assess the quality. To those of you who are now asking ‘well what about Aamir Khan?” I take nothing away from Aamir’s excellence and incredible talent, but he simply does not possess the X factor that SRK does.

However, has any Aamir Khan movie been screened in either China or Hong Kong? No. Has any Khan received more attention that Hollywood Superstar Tom Cruise? Shahrukh Khan has.

Nevertheless, it is time for those who tire of SRK’s title as the king to stop attacking them. Everytime SRK appears on screen, he exudes excellence.

SRK is India’s Dark Knight. SRK truly is the KING.


One comment on “TEAM SRK

  1. DG says:

    AGREED! Who said singh is king? 😛 Khan is King!

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