Story: Plot Unknown. Chapter two

Forty floors above in a penthouse of contemporary design, a pair of steady hands were grinding coffee beans. The hands belonged to an ageing face of smooth complexion and a growing stubble. The rain coupled with the lateness of the hour provided him with respite from the city’s ‘hustle-bustle,’ while the rhythmic fall of rain afforded him the opportunity to enjoy a steaming mug of coffee alongside a leisurely perusal of case files. Lowering himself onto the recliner overlooking the city, Supreme Court Justice Gambino took a moment to survey the breathtaking view.

“The world is my cinema, yet I’m reading someone else’s script’ muttered Justice Gambino. Taking a sip of his Italian Roast and sighing deeply, he lifted a case file off the coffee table.

Cynthia Atkins, Aged 28, Death Row for Multiple Homicide.

Having sat on the panel of 9 justices for over a decade, Justice Gambino had become accustomed to outrageous cases, yet the prospect of death row still unsettled him and ignited a deep set anxiety within him.

Turning the page, Justice Gambino regained his composure and set about dissecting the information.


One comment on “Story: Plot Unknown. Chapter two

  1. Erika says:

    I love this, keep the story going.

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