Start with a Bang

Perhaps whoever coined the idiom “start with a bang” never envisioned mother nature would take them seriously. Unfortunately though, mother nature opted to begin 2012 with quite a few bangs.

In order to compete with the awe-inspiring fireworks across the globe, mother nature began a series of earthquakes and aftershocks from 4.0 in Ohio to 17 aftershocks in 18 hours for those in New Zealand to a grande finale of 7.0 for the recovering innocents in Japan.

However; I believe in such a devastating start to the new year, societies across the world should find within their hearts compassion and empathy for one another.

With the Mayans having promised a 2012 to make any disaster seem diminutive, therefore we would be better served averting mother nature’s tidal waves rather than causing our own through hate,war and deceit.

Have a happy new year, or at least a peaceful one.


One comment on “Start with a Bang

  1. Zach says:

    Wish you the same.
    P.S. Even the universe began with a big bang,that didnt turn out to be very bad, right? 😛

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