Story: Plot unknown. Chapter One

His footsteps were muffled amidst the pitter-patter of rain as his lithe figure, cloaked in black blended in perfectly with the surroundings. He was an inconspicuous silhouette. While his eyes may have appeared crazy and he possessed an overtly haunted look, his mind was sharper than the razor thin switch blade tucked into the waist-band of his trousers.

Darting gracefully through the trashy alleyways of the crime addled city, there was something graceful in the actions of our mystery man; a delicate poise and, judging by the fluidity of his movements,  a meticulous presence of mind. Perhaps he would be better associated with the title; ‘night crawler.’ Is he hired help for those unwilling to do their own dirty work? Perhaps. Yet his weapon of choice is a mere switch blade which seems rather rudimentary.

Returning back to the scene, we follow our night crawler through the city as he clings to  alleyways, stealing stealthily through the shadows of the night. Reaching a menagerie of tower blocks, he takes a momentary pause to collect himself, turns and is swallowed whole by the unavoidable darkness.


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