Playing the Piano

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a place not too far away from where I am currently sat, I used to play the piano. No, I did not play a Baldwin, Yamaha or Steinway Grand Piano, instead I played on a Yamaha electronic keyboard, with functions such as “pitch corrector” and tunes such as “honkey tonk.” Needless to say, my childhood was often considerably brightened by playing “jingle bells” on the piano with an electric guitar sound.

Something like this...

Then life, hormones and “anti-exam” fever gripped me and before you coud say “Tchaikovsky” I threw in the Piano keys (figuratively) and took up a life of pretending to be tone deaf and musically inept.

3 years on after avoiding any instrument except for the djembe drums, xylophones and the infamous triangles. Nevertheless, upon discovering Apple’s iPad, the Piano app was downloaded and the rest… is not history.

While playing the piano is not akin to riding a bicycle (I forgot the difference between base clef and treble clef… sue me), getting accustomed to an iPad piano is harder than taming the shrew… Neverthelesss, playing the likes of Adele and the Linkin Park was rather refreshing as it beat the likes of Fur Elise and Greensleves…

Oh well, with the start of the new year, one of my “to keep” resolutions is “play on a proper piano… again”


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