Why are you reading this? Not really the best way of starting a post is it, but seriously why are you reading this post? Are you bored, or an obsessive compulsive blogger in the pursuit of a good read or are you simply looking for meaning that a philosophical ‘loaded question’ such as “why?” could potentially give you.

You know what, just click away and save yourself; obviously I cannot ask you to walk away, that would be a verbose inclusion. So click on that beautiful X at the top of your browsing window and find something appealing to read, such as news articles about corrupt politicians, broken politics and Paris Hilton’s new puppy.

And while you stare at this incredulous piece of pointless writing, note that I will be enjoying a heated debate as to whether Pepsi or Coke (the fizzy drink one) is better.

Alas, I must now end this utterly, undeniably ridiculous post as the oven has just sounded it’s high pitched shriek, informing me that my brownies have been baked to a brilliantly crispy edible afternoon delight.

Oh, before I go, I really do want to know why you read, but alas, I can only know after I go and you waste more time on commenting, if that is you have not been drained of the inclination to do so.

Stop shaking your head please, that look of sheer bemusement does not suit you…


4 comments on “Why?

  1. roopakm says:

    I tried to stop…But I could stop only here. Lolz 😀

  2. Erika says:

    You’re in an odd mood today, but I read because I like reading things that make me think..and your posts do so no, I won’t stop reading. In fact, you saying ”stop reading” made me want to read even more 😀

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