The good old days!

Don’t you miss it? The days when you didn’t need to go to a gym in order to exercise because your brick of a phone served as the perfect weight.

Don’t you miss the days when a robbery attempt could be stopped by throwing your WMD (aka your phone) at the head or torso of your assailant in an act of effective and successful self defence?

Nowadays, we might have fancy cameras and games about unicorns on our cellular devices but we do not have the authentic old school devices with snake as the only game and software so rudimentary, you needn’t have relied on your tech-savvy child to rescue you.

And if all of the above wasn’t good enough, back in the day, we knew how to sustain a conversation and have a good laugh as opposed to resorting to an instant message, simply stating “LOL, BRB.” What’s worse, people can now be found guilty of doing that in actual conversations!

I miss the good old days, and advise Nokia to throw all their old bricks at the Apples and Berry’s that come in colours that are not only black, in order to regain their market share.

Now, I’m going to go locate my type writer and compose a perfectly explicit letter that I shall then send to my correspondent via post. Say! Do they still have post offices?


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