Full Body Paralysis

Upon the ice cold ground lay his body; however, he was not a corpse but merely corpse-like for there was still a heartbeat. His body lay still, frozen as his spine remained contorted. His gaze was glazed by a torrent of fear and his mouth kept forming words, but such was his predicament that no sound would re-vertebrate within him. His fingers twitched restlessly, yet the movements were feeble as energy was seeping out of him. The flow of blood began to subside. His body began cramping. Yet no sensation could he feel. The panic continued to mount. His body continued to resemble a calm and still ocean on a warm sunny day; inside however, there was chaos. His mind was in turmoil. His vision was continuing to blur and darkening contours were forming in his periphery. He tried to move, but his body had committed mutiny and held him down. He was no longer a master of his being, merely an observer aided by his heightened senses. His heartbeat continued to pound and the stench of failure and imminent self destruction began to overwhelm him. He tasted perspiration with the added flavour of fear and desperation.

The shackles began to tighten. He was losing control. Darkness was enveloping him. It was too much. He gave up. He sunk into an abyss where not even his subconscious could function. He blacked out. This was his experience of full body paralysis.


One comment on “Full Body Paralysis

  1. Erika says:

    This reminds me of me when I get my waking paralysis fits. This was really well written. Its kind of haunting but in a good way/

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