Don 2 — The King really is back.

There’s something about a Bollywood film that has intelligence stitched into its very foundations that intrigues me. Gone is the chubbiness of lead actors and actresses’ from the first instalment of the Don franchise, and instead, audiences across 41 countries are treated to raw muscle and unrestrained yet overwhelmingly thrilling action.

There is no need for the ladies to bare all, instead we have snappy dialogue, well crafted word play and enough car chases to make us question why SRK has not yet been featured in “fast and furious.”

To the critics who panned the musical score of the film; I myself not being overly impressed, I was forced to eat my words alongside other munchies, while Don, Roma and the ensemble cast move from Thailand to Malaysia to Zurich and finally to Berlin at cut throat speed and impeccable savvy.

Don 2 serves up a villain who is self assured, arrogant, incredibly and unrelentingly evil, witty, crafty and simply, perplexing with his charming character.  It truly is an SRK show where we really cannot get enough of him.

Don 2 also shows how Bollywood movies, aided by an airtight, foolproof plot can compete with Hollywood movies. Yes, there is no climbing the Burj Khalifa, but instead there is a 300ft drop that occurs while your jaw drops at the sheer audacity of our antagonist.

The film has the potential of becoming a cult amidst viewers with its fantastic cinematography, ability to keep an audience gripped from start to finish, applause and award worthy acting, brilliant theme music and exhilarating action.

Viewers are advised to watch Don 2 as quickly as possible. The king truly is back. If you delay then “Tickets ko pakada mushkil nahi, na mumken hai.” (Getting tickets is not difficult, it’s impossible)

I most certainly will be going back for another viewing. You should too.

Rating 4.5 / 5


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