This is for the haters

This is for the haters, 

My opposition’s debaters.

They should know that I stand alone with my dreams,

I don’t turn a deaf ear because my ambition is louder than their screams.

I don’t need to hide because I’m brighter than their beams.

They can throw sand in my face,

Thinking I run against them in this rat race.

But they continuously prove their disgrace,

Because I’m the captain, I run the rat race.

You say we’re all in hell’s kitchen,

Guess what, I’m the master chef.

I’m C major, you ride the base clef.

I look in the face of my enemy and take their mask off.

I’ll fight till the end but have enough dignity to make sure that ty land soft.

So before you attack me, stop and turn away,

I will rise above it all and darken your day.



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