The exercise dilemma

I walked into a gym yesterday and I could’ve sworn church bells began ringing all over the world. As someone who has always enjoyed the openness of the road and a casual daily jog, the thought of being encased within a mechanical, metallic menagerie is a rare one.

However, it was too late to back out considering I was accompanied by a rather determined friend; who then proceeded to sit down and exercise his fingers on his I-Phone, while consuming Pepsi at a frightening speed. It seems that if fitness could be bottled by soft drink companies, we would all be sporting magnificent bodies.

the ultimate form of exercise ....

A half hour and several machines later, I decided to return to conventional exercises on the mat with a host of push ups, sit ups and other laborious work outs. Feeling rather left out, my friend decided to attempt a few push ups; however, being as round as a football and as unfit as a broken fiddle, he made it through half a push up before collapsing out of exhaustion. Despite how comical the scene was it pointed out that if we do not make time for work out then we must be prepared to make time for the limitations our body faces and the health risks we impose upon ourselves.

However, having said all that, I really do wonder how Dinosaur’s were so incredibly strong and powerful if they couldn’t do any push ups….

well this is awkward...


2 comments on “The exercise dilemma

  1. Deepak says:

    last line is incredible 🙂 is your friend from kindergarten ? Lolz 🙂

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