Staying up late, thoughts weighing down like led,

Looking to where my ex should’ve been on the bed.

These “what if’s” line up like an army within my head.

The past was filled with plans for tomorrow,

But today is filled with nothing but sorrow

The bank kicked me out so happiness I no longer can borrow.


What was wrong with you and I?

You wore a white dress and I had on a black tie,

But at the end of the day I was here and you were there with a tear in your eye.

You say it’s for the best, you say you only meant well,

Do you not see you took me to heaven and then dropped me into hell.

You took the good and made it bad,

You took the happy and made it sad.

Why did you have to go out of your way to drive me mad?

Enough is enough, you’re out of my head.

Enough is enough, the past is dead.

Goodbye my darling, Life without you no longer fills me with dread.


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