First Shave

I had to rush a shave yesterday, a facial shave to those suffering from an outrageous bout of curiosity. Anyway while losing my grip on reality in order to get a grip on my razor, I remembered my first shave…

“Dad, they’re scared of you”

“Why? What for?”

“Cause you can shave… and do it without making it look as if your face met barbed wire at the border crossing.”


My father laughed and told me to have a go, it really isn’t that hard and he then proceeded to demonstrate a serve with as much skill as a federer sliced backhand… it was frightening and I then realized how daunting the task in front of me was.

It really was this amazing...

I stepped into the bathroom after telling my friend “Brb, I’m going to shave too.” Now, I don’t know why I said “too” but I assumed there was someone else shaving on the planet, and so I felt proud to be a part of the club.

Stepping into the bathroom, I surveyed my rather prickly face and took a moment to reflect on teenage facial hair; an artistic abomination if there ever was one. Going through the pre-shave motions of lathering up my face, I took a moment to contemplate.

It seems that fear cannot be banished; however, it can be mitigated by reason and evaluation and that made the task simple enough. Drag the razor in a downwards motion… right… OMG *insert profanities* What am I thinking? it’s a sharp object that is scraping against my skin, which could potentially cut me open… Thank God and my genes that I am not a haemophiliac.

appropriate image?

Moving on… I began going through the motions, gently at first and then I realized it’s not that hard… A few minutes and close shaves (no pun intended) later… I washed my face and emerged, a clean shaven man.

Thank you Proctor and Gamble for Gillete. I am forever in your debt. Actually no, I paid you, but anyway, that’s a story for another time.

Peace and Happy Shaving.

to infinity and beyond! the best a man can get apparently.


One comment on “First Shave

  1. Antarik says:

    This sounded like a nice and funny entry when I read the title. Nice experience. Hope you are no longer afraid of the metal device 😀

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