Reverie, reignited.

The attraction to you i cannot beat

It’s no longer your personality, it’s just the inexplicable heat.

The hunger, the desire

The unyielding fire.

The situation is dire,

But from this harm we inflict on ourselves, we do not tire.


It’s strange that we were once so young,

In our own version of love we were strung.

Listening to songs that others had sung

Climbing the fragmented pieces of our relationship’s ladder, next rung.

But then we let go, just when we should have clung.


I cannot begin to say how sorry I am,

We were meant stroll the river banks pushing our baby in the pram.

Instead, we destroyed ourselves and derailed the tram.


So now I’m here and you are there,

The distance I’ve now accepted, before, I could not bare

The end was our own making,

We took the tools and ended up breaking,

We made monsters out of romantics

Got lost amidst semantics

And all that’s left is this memory

That keeps me locked in a … reverie.


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