I see the pain behind your pride

The sadness you cannot hide

The bruises crash upon you heavier than the tide.

Time you cannot abide

Towards the exit you no longer can ride.

Your heart’s been cut open, the cracks are too wide.

You seek respite in someone else’s arms,

You are taken in by deceitful charms,

You don’t understand that those who deserve your tears will never make you cry,

So you continue to live within a lie.

All good things came to an end, and all bad things continued forever,

You thought escapism was all to clever,

But you failed in every single endeavour,

And the pieces that could once be fixed, now it’s never.

Pride before a fall,

Save yourself and make that call.

Don’t let them break you, just stay tall.

Stop playing the game, before you lose it… all.


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