Slapping Power..

Remember the ‘charge of the Light Brigade?An ill timed and non-strategic charge by the British Cavalry resulted in minimal gains and a large body count.

It seems that the 21st century has given rise to a new brigade; the ‘thappad (slap) brigade’ with the brigade being led by the notorious turbanators ; first we had Harbhajan Singh and now; the baton of slapping has passed onto Harvinder Singh who decided to perform the motion of raising ones palm in anger to the recipients cheek. Harvinder’s justification; however, was that, the rising prices are the fault of corrupt ministers, with Sharad Pawar being labelled the corrupt one.

Now, I’m all for activists such as Anna Hazare fasting in order to make a statement a la Gandhigiri, but when the common man begins to raise his hands in violence at those elected by the people, I feel a line has been crossed.

First we had shoes, now we have slaps, soon we could have weaponry. So next time Anna Hazare asks ‘Only one slap?’ perhaps he should consider whether he wants to end up saying ‘only one bullet?’


It is true, inflation is spiralling out of control, but when our tempers follow suit, it is the common man who suffers the most. Change will happen, but not courtesy the sword. It will come courtesy the pen, both metaphorically and during election time.

I am 1 of the 1 billion Indians and I condemn this incident. You should to.


One comment on “Slapping Power..

  1. Zach says:

    I do too. I can certainly empathise but not sympathise with the Slap brigade. Anna seems less of a Gandhian each passing day,eh? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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