Contrary to popular belief; Movember is not a month during which we pay tribute to Sheikh Mo. It is a month where men donate their faces to charity by growing a mustache, henceforth known as ‘mo’ to help raise awareness of men’s health issues.

Despite the fact that the idea generated in Australia where 30 lonely men decided to see who could grow the biggest and best mustache during the month, the concept has, 7 years later, generated over 60 million pounds for research into prostate cancer.

Uncle Mo Wants YOU

The rules are simple; on the 1st of November until the end of the month one must not be clean shaven. However, no beards are permitted and your mo cannot link up with side burns. Given the common man’s apathy to doing anything remotely active for charity, after “belly-flop,” movember is perhaps the easiest noble cause to champion.

Thinking of shaving?

However, while it can be argued that growing a mustache doesn’t require as much strength as running a marathon it does demand fortitude on the part of the respective grower.  First off there is a nagging doubt that you might not be able to grow anything remotely mo-ish without the assistance of ‘growmoreTM’ (steroids for mo’s).’ 

Movember Style Guide

Undoubtedly Movember provides laughs for the general public and is for a very worthy cause. The question then is; why do so many men opt not to take part in Movember? Perhaps this letter I stumbled upon might provide the answer

Dear Husband,

You want a no shave November? Bring it on.

Love, Wife.


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