Aged 18

At 18 life is akin to a valley between to gargantuan mountains. At the end of one mountain is the past 18 years and ahead of you is the base of a mountain whose peak is above the clouds, beyond the refrain of your eyesight.

The mountain you climbed to get to 18 was battered by a roller coaster of weather, a ravine of hard ship and many breaks within the heart of the mountain.

However before you can embark on your journey to the peak of the mountain ahead of you, you must endure a year of both looking back and planning ahead. In order to ensure the adventures of the previous journey do not cascade down upon you in an avalanche you must protect yourself by understanding your climb.

The climb ahead of you is reminiscent of a clean, blank slate, devoid of blemish; untouched and pure. Yet an awkward step or a wrong decision or where to climb might invariably result in a dramatic fall or a pause over a terrible precipice in the shape of a cliff hanger.

While you sojourn at 18 in the valley of deliberation, consider your past, consider your future, but most of all consider the journey for the journey is the who, what and why of your being.

The path ahead is entirely dependent on you.


2 comments on “Aged 18

  1. Beautiful post and pictures add more beauty to the words…
    Enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Very true and nicely crafted. Aye Zindagi!

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